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Prof Masudul Hasan

What is History

Preliminary questions In this work we are to study the history of Islam. Before such study is undertaken, some preliminary questions are to be encountered and answered. The questions which arise and call for answer are: what is history, what is Islam; and what exactly do we mean by "History of Islam"? History When any event is reported in the press it makes a story. Most of such stories though sensational for the time being are of ephemeral character, and after some time fade out of public memory. Some events may nevertheless be of such importance that they outlive considerations of time and space, and their memory is preserved regardless of the passage of time. Such events make a higher type of story, and such high stories make history. History is thus a record of such important events which are not circumscribed by considerations of time and space Discipline of knowledge History is a discipline of knowledge which informs us about our heritage; which makes us conscious of our links with the past; which make us aware of our origin, and which provides us with a sense of direction for the future. History is Man's dialogue with Time. History is for a people what memory is for an individual. If a person is bereft of his memory, he stands stranded, and life loses all charm for him; a people cut off from history become rootless and can lay no claim to civilization. History indeed forms the water shed between barbarism and civilization. Richness in history is verily the hall mark of civilization and progress Characteristics of history A current event is reported in the contemporary press with a view 

Concept of History 

At one time the concept of story was that the function historian was merely to record of themselves facts which would speak for to be d theory no holds good. Facts by are apt some as dust, and the historian must enliven them them with out meaning. The role of the historian is not to act as a scribe, and co the narratives as available from historical sources. Such scissors and paste exercise would have no claim to be history. The true role of a historian stands on a higher pedestal. The historian has to make an inquiry into the past and arrive at rational conclusions about the how and why of what happened in history. The historian has to discover the past. History is thus basically an evaluations of the past, and the role of the historian is to pass value judgments