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Ahmad Valiullah Yusufi


        This world is a place of examination. In the course of this du'a. worldly life, a person is confronted with a variety of conditions, events and experiences. In many cases, these conditions do not please or satisfy a person. Hence, he falls prey to worry and sadness. Some people fall into depression  du'a. to such challenging conditions and stop making du'a.  Others say that we have made excessive dura but these have du'a. not been accepted. A point of note here is that the status of the du'a. pious predecessors is high indeed. However, in this era as well, our leaders happen to be mustajabut da'wat (those whose du'as are accepted). We, however, complain and ask why our du'a. s are not answered. For this reason it is necessary to du'a. understand the barriers and obstacles that are preventing the acceptance of duas. In this book, these very reasons and factors have been discussed. Readers are requested to study the book and acquaint themselves with the method and etiquettes of du'a so that our du'as may be accepted. May Allah remove our worries and fill our hearts with peace and contentment and include us amongst His close servants